Shakespeare My Box

Lowest Of The Low To Release Career Retrospective Box Set

Is it a gold watch for 27 years of loyal service or the opening salvo to 27 more years of contretemps?

It’s Shakespeare My Box, Lowest of the Low’s career retrospective box set!
With 72 songs on 7 pieces of vinyl, a 24 page full colour booklet of incriminating photos and testimonials, stickers, posters and handwritten lyrics you’ll know everything there is to know about the Low… except perhaps why they’re wearing blindfolds on the cover of Shakespeare My Butt.

In addition to the Boxset, fans will also have Exclusive Access to purchase tickets to a once-in-a-lifetime Private show in Toronto at the Dakota Tavern (249 Ossington Ave) on November 21st, 2018. Tickets can only be purchased in conjunction with the sale of a Boxset and a maximum of 2 tickets can be purchased per Boxset. There will be two set-times at the Dakota Tavern, an Early Show (approx. 7PM) and a Late Show (approx. 11PM). Pick these up quick as Tickets to the shows are limited!

Boxset also includes

24pg Full-Colour Book
Handwritten Lyrics Sheets

Titles Included in the Boxset:

Shakespeare My Butt…
Sordid Fiction
Do The Right Now
Thrifty Thrifty Thrifty (New Album of Unreleased Songs, Singles, Live Tracks, Demos, Outtakes, Remixes & Rarities)

The Boxset is NOW available for PREORDER at the Lowest of the Low’s Online Store at Warner Music.

Any and all items purchased along with this item will ship slightly before release date to arrive on or close to November 21st 2018.

Ron was recently interviewed by Kerry Doole of about this upcoming release.  Learn more here.

Powerlines Lyric Video

The Lowest of the Low has released the first single ‘Powerlines’ from their upcoming album ‘Do The Right Now’.  Watch the new lyric video for the song now.  It features the breath taking cinematography of Tom Ryaboi, editing of Andre Bijelic, and direction of our friend Lawrence Nichols.



New Video: The Kids Are All Wrong

With the release of the Low’s dual singles, Ron’s friends at Resonator caught the recording process on camera. The clip for “The Kids Are All Wrong” takes viewers into the studio with the band, where they were “pounding on drums, slashing guitar chords and screaming into microphones” over the course of two days.

The behind-the-scenes footage is just a sneak peek at a mini-documentary project that’s in the works. But before the full details are revealed, let the anticipation build by watching the video for “The Kids Are All Wrong” below.

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The Kids Are All Wrong … But the Lowest of the Low Are All Right

The toggle switch that signals the Lowest of the Low exists is thrown all the way to ON!

Today the Lowest of the Low released two new songs. Ron wants you to have these free new tracks! Take them. Download them. Email them your friends.

THE KIDS ARE ALL WRONG and IN THE BLINK OF AN EYE were written by Ron Hawkins, performed by David Alexander, Ron Hawkins, Brian MacMillan, Lawrence Nichols and Dylan Parker and were recorded with the help of Joe Dunphy at the sublime Revolution Recording in Toronto in October, 2015.

You can find them at Soundcloud right HERE.

Read an interview with Ron regarding the Lowest of the Low’s new work at Chart Attack

The Low are back, and look forward to seeing you out there soon.

Hawkins Laments About The Maidstones

For those of you who love music and love documentaries, mockumentaries and shockumentaries, check out this teaser below for the upcoming web series about defunct Femme Folk agitpropsters The Maidstones.

It was made by none other than Ron’s better half Ms. Jill Riley and has a star studded cast with the likes of Elvira Kurt,  Andrew Scott (Sloan),  Oh Susanna,  Tyler Stewart (BNL),  Jan Arden and even a certain member of Lowest of the Low.

The official website of the Maidstones can be found at .

Peace and Quiet Video Released Today

On the same day Ron and the Do Good Assassins’ new album Garden Songs is released, a brand new video for Peace and Quiet surfaces. We’ve posted it here. The video is directed by Richard Peirce and Chris Tait.

  1. Beautiful Girl Ron Hawkins 2:32