Ron has now added the title of author to his already impressive resume that includes (according to his book jacket) professional musician, painter, amateur carpenter, lepodopterist, jewel thief, sacral-craniologist, hovercraft pilot, gourmand, demolitions expert and horticultural enthusiast.

These first two paper based treasures listed below are offered by the fine folks at, and can be added to your library right now.

***Warning: These books look so good that you may have to upgrade your coffee table to put them on ***

A/Z- is a series of 26 portraits of musicians. Some have been big musical influences on me, some just have great faces (I'm looking at you Nelson), some start with a Q or a Z and thus won the spot by default. Altogether a motley crew.....#$@%$#, I should've painted Tommy Lee!!! The show was first exhibited in the summer of 2010 at the Drake General Store.

Sabotage - is a series of portraits of my friends in varying (uncomfortable) masks. Some masks are literal, some are figurative. It suggests the question - "when are we most ourselves? When we're naked or when we are masked?" Mostly it was just a chance to make Kathleen wear a stinky gas mask and an uncomfortably hot astronaut helmet. The show was exhibited at Katharine Mulherin Contemporary Art Projects in December 2006.

SONGSMINUSMUSIC I've been compiling this book for over a year. A certain friend has been chiding me to collect all these lyrics in one place ferchrisake and now I've finally done it. Forgive me if you, or your city, have been incriminated in these lyrics.