Don’t Be Long

Ron Hawkins

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Don’t be long on that crooked mile
With your junky pose and your pawn-shop smile
And don’t be long in that tattered line
Or you won’t be long in this heart of mine
Because you don’t believe in coming home
In the courtesy call or the fuckin’ telephone
No, you don’t believe, you don’t believe

Don’t be long out in the rain
Because you fell flat fast asleep in your clothes again
You don’t belong out on Easy street
Because you’re always tempted far too easily
And you don’t believe in tender words
Or that there’s 4.6 billion other lonely people in the world
No, you don’t believe, you don’t believe

Don’t be long my condescending one
Waging wars and then defending them
You won’t be less strong if you surrender one
Because you sure as hell don’t belong to anyone
And I don’t believe your apologies
And I don’t believe when you get down on your knees
No, I don’t believe the tears you weep
Because I don’t believe you’re losing any sleep over me
I don’t believe, no I don’t believe

So don’t be long nursing your grief
Because it’s getting hard to suspend my disbelief
And don’t be too long crying in your sleeve
‘Cause this offer’s over come this new-year’s eve
Then I don’t believe I’ll be coming home
To the t.v. on and the car keys gone
No I don’t believe, I don’t believe
No, I don’t believe I’ll be coming home
I guess I could be wrong

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