Ron Hawkins

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Oh, Genevieve, this town is a guillotine
Sharp tongues like blades so mean they can bleed you blue
All those neighbourhood boys just want to get in your corduroys
I can’t blame ‘em but they miss the point with a girl like you

Oh, oh, Genevieve

Hey there Genevieve, you never had much use for me
But I’ll keep you company until the ambulance comes
Cruel maps of railroad scars, along the tracks of your pretty arms
How the hell did it get so hard just to take life as it comes

Oh, oh Genevieve
Oh, sweet Genevieve

No, don’t do it
Don’t climb your bedroom walls
Don’t rise to it
‘Cause you’re smarter than them all
And I always knew it
I just never had the guts to call
I hung up once or twice
My fingers cold as ice
And I left you all alone
On the dark side of the phone

Hey Gen you know some day, we oughta cut class and run away
Hop a Greyhound to Montreal and start us a band
I can sing and play guitar and you can scream all the pretty parts
Cross your fingers those city dogs don’t tear us apart

Oh, oh Genevieve
Oh, sweet Genevieve
Hold on to me
My sweet Genevieve

  1. Teenage Insurrection Ron Hawkins and the Do Good Assassins 2:28