The Devil Went Down

Ron Hawkins

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A small town a little long in the tooth
Old testament fireproof
New York City’s got nothing on you
Except the glitter and the charm
And the money and the view
Then the Devil came around

Mother Courage where are you now
Sister Mercy run out of town
Father Confessor drowning in the crowd
Oh, brothers in arms,
There weren’t nobody around
And then the Devil came down
Oh, the Devil came down on you
You little suffering town

A double shift, a birth and a death
Four hundred dollars of crystal-meth
Nobody thinks they’ll end up here
But the Devil’s got a way of whispering in your ear
And then the devil comes down

Oh man, look at you go
A yellow taxi’s taking you home
Don’t know her name, couldn’t call it when you wake
She’s a comfortable mistake
The kind you know you’re gonna make
When the Devil goes down
Oh, the Devil went down on you
And you’re suffering now

Three bars and a video store
A gas station and a funeral home
Some days you’re cold to the bone
Even when you’re not alone
Get Jesus on the phone
Because the Devil came down
Oh, the Devil came down on you
And your suffering town

  1. Teenage Insurrection Ron Hawkins and the Do Good Assassins 2:28