The Prodigal Sun

Ron Hawkins

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I was young and dumb and full o’ cum
So I bought me an old red car
I had hair on my chest so I headed out west
Following the lines on the tar
And I mistook my brains for looks but I’ll never be a movie star
Now the stars have shone but the film crew’s gone
So I’m coming back home

You smile like a crocodile
And you growl like an old brown bear
But you can fly like a dove in the sky
When the wind takes hold of your hair
And I must’ve been blind, ‘cause I thought I could find that kind of love anywhere
What the hell, I was wrong
The night’s so long
So I’m coming back home

Rome’s alright
It snows in Iceland
Melbourne’s way too far
There’s Istanbul
And L.A.’s cool, but you always gotta to drive your car
I can’t stand planes
And I don’t like trains
And the ocean’s way too dark
I wanna lay down my hat
I’m through with all that
So I’m coming back home

Well, the grass seems green where we’ve never been
But it’s seldom true my friend
It’s a myth we make
It’s a big mistake
It’s a party that we all attend
My whole heart shook when I read in that book “you can never go home again”
But the man was wrong
‘Cause the light’s still on
And it’s humming back home
Well the road is long
But my legs are strong
And I’m coming back home
Now I’m all done
With that prodigal sun
So I’m coming back home

  1. Teenage Insurrection Ron Hawkins and the Do Good Assassins 2:28