A Thousand Lights

Lowest of the Low

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A thousand lights
A thousand lights that leave you blind
You leave yourself behind
You raise the dead when you feel low

What do you take?
What does it take to feel alright?
When it takes all your might
To raise your head from the pillow

What do you need?
What do you need to feel the light?
The sun or the moon at night?
That feeling of now or never?

Warm as a womb (united once)
Cold as a tomb (divided up)
You’re two halves now (till one plus one… equals none)
But two selves won’t allow (the puzzle longs)
To be put back together

A thousand dreams
A thousand nightmares

You belong
This place is grey without you here
The lights are on
But colours bleed away like bitter tears

Behind the light (behind the light)
Behind the light that leaves you blind (the blinding light)
The blinding peace and quiet (a thousand watts electrified)
A quiet place inside you (you try to find)

Beyond the dark (beyond the dark)
Beyond the dark that haunts your mind (the dark that haunts)
Numb and tranquilized (a shadow falls, a vision taunts)
Will you still recognize you? (if you give up)

A thousand lights
A thousand lights that leave you blind

  1. Love 'N' Justice Lowest of the Low 2:40