Bottle Rockets

Lowest of the Low

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In the battle of the bar
I was the drunken people’s commissar
Of best laid plans… held together with rubber bands
The sacrificial barricade
Where we dismantled every single day
With a pair of pliers
From a toolbox of saints and liars

When it was easy
To be bold
To be brave enough to be born
To bleed a while, to bleed a while

Months marching the only blues
The years tore the soles off of our shoes
They wore them thin
And they turned the whole thing in
To grey parades and monuments
Fools gold and dirty sacraments
Told half the tale
But we knew our sweetest dreams were not for sale

Cheats and liars
Corporate cobras and crocodiles
So we’d scream it out
We’d scream it out, scream it out

You think it’s all in your head but it’s all in your soul
We’re live sockets, real bottle rockets… oh
Ready to explode
The dead can bury the dead
There’s no time for remorse
You can’t stop us, pure bottle rockets… oh
Like a meteor

Now it ain’t easy
To be born
To be brave enough to be bold
Ah, to bleed a while
A calvary
To be borne
To be saved or else to be scorned
Ah, to see the light
Bring the dream to life

There’s a light in my head
There’s a fire in my soul
A live socket, real bottle rocket… oh
Ready to explode
There’s a fire in my head
There’s a light in my soul
A live socket, pure bottle rocket soul
Ready to explode
Like a meteor
A bottle rocket soul

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