Lowest of the Low

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I remember the days
When you’d drop by drunk and disorderly
But now you’re gone away
And nobody knocks on the window screen
You were singin’ the tune you were born to recite
Always sung in the same sad key

Come back Imogene
Come back Imogene
Come back Imogene

Can somebody explain
Why somebody’s pain is so hard to read?
If somebody’s the blade
Then I guess somebody’s gonna have to bleed
When your worst inclinations were beating you breathless
Where was the referee?

Ah, come back Imogene

I walk these sallow streets that we used to claim
Your name from my lips falls
But that hallowed whisper floats and then drifts away
Was it ever here at all?

Like the birthday candles we couldn’t ignite
And the guests for a party too sad to invite
All the things that have been and the things that’ll never be

  1. Love 'N' Justice Lowest of the Low 2:40