Love ‘N’ Justice

Lowest of the Low

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If hate is a snake
I guess love is a ladder
Justice is another matter
A tougher egg to break
Ah, but make no mistake
Through the static and the chatter
The former becomes the latter
Though you feel lonely
You know you’re never alone

When your life is a nail
History is a hammer
The side you’re on is what matters
So drive the point of it home (heavy and true)
When the struggle is on
Victories and disgraces
You’ve got friends in Low places
We’ll big you up
So you know you’re never alone

It’s time to pull a rabbit from a hat or two
Sleight of hand is nothing new
Prestidigitation is the wrecking crew
Keep your steady hand upon that match
And light that fuse

Allies, arise and move on!
Blood brothers and sisters
Philosophers and drifters
The day to daydream is gone
‘Cause we’re like ships in the storm
Let loose from their tethers
Rude grrrls and soul rebels
They got your back
So you know you’re never alone
Low, but yer never alone
No, no… ah, you’re never alone
Maybe lonely but you’re never lone
Not the only… oh, you’re never alone

  1. Love 'N' Justice Lowest of the Low 2:40