Midnight Maryanne

Lowest of the Low

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Midnight MaryAnne
Don’t you understand
That your the phantom with an angel’s face
You strike that pretty pose
So no one ever knows
You’re dancing deftly on the razorblade

You’re the star of your own nightmare
It’s a game where the rules aren’t fair
But everyone has a cross to bear sometimes

Ah, Midnight MaryAnne
You’ve been burdened and beguiled
By memories that sting like scars
Then one day comes around
And every wound unbound
Is shining through you like a million stars

I can see that you can’t see the point of it all
And you can’t seem to read the writing on the wall
So I’ll try desperately to be there when you fall apart

One thing MaryAnne
When I hold your hand
It feels like falling in a shallow grave
Despite that pretty pose
Everybody knows
You’re dancing daily on a razorblade
So put the pin in the hand grenade

Midnight MaryAnne
All things greater than
The sum of every ugly undertow
Waving from the deck
Send that S.O.S.
And I’ll receive it like a radio

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