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Lowest of the Low

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You know it’s all about the perspiration
Ah, you never break a sweat unless you try
If you never choose a destination
Then you’re gonna spin your wheels until you die

You’ll never get to storm that winter palace
Never get to see that brave new world
All tangled up inside
Dead until you die

If you’re never gonna join the party
Then you’ll never get to burn the whole house down
A poster boy for the dear departed
Always feeling like a square when they’re around
Ah, you’re always gonna wind up in the middle
Another nervous hostage by the phone
Now and then suspecting just a little
There’s a secret code in that dial tone
You’re never gonna crack that cryptic riddle
You’re never gonna solve that shit alone
Just living to survive
Putting in the time
Dead until you die

Livin’ on borrowed time
On borrowed time
On borrowed time

We could be that famous ragged army
Belting out the same redemption song
“Wouldn’t it be nice to live together”
“In the kind of world where we belong”
Through armigideon times and earthquake weather
Marchin’ down the street a million strong
Electric and alive
It’s better if you try
To live until you die

  1. Love 'N' Justice Lowest of the Low 2:40