The Ballad of Late-Era Capitalism

Lowest of the Low

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One man’s given is one man’s taken away
One man’s prison is one man’s private estate
One man’s on the board
One man’s overboard
One more wolf at the gate

And then we dance around (dancing the dance of the slave)
As they steal this town (they can’t steal what we give away)
And the walls come down
One brick after another

Two religions is two religions too much
Cause too many vicars got too many scriptures fucked up
Too many battle scars
Too many false alarms
I’m too tired to wake ‘em all up

They watch us dance around (dancing the devil away)
As they bleed this town (electrical heavenly gates)
And St. Paul cries out
There’s no more kingdom my brother
The meek shall inherit each other

One more waterboard
One bored overlord
One more soul has to drown

While we dance around (dancing and taking down names)
As they torch this town (dancing and fanning the flames)
And the walls come down (nothing to lose but your chains)
Yeah it all comes down
To one prick after another
Some sad sick motherfuckers
Keep us one brick short of each other (look who’s laughing’ now)

  1. Love 'N' Justice Lowest of the Low 2:40