The Barricade

Lowest of the Low

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When all the roads you see from your door
Lead one way in the other way
And all the waves that crash on your shore
Carry sailor’s bones from shipwrecked days
When all those vicious, handcuffed words
Constrict, contract, constrain
I’ll meet you on the barricade
In the cool defiant rain

When you and your brothers held onto your mothers
Your story an unwritten page
Well they read you the rules and they sent you to school
But she paid for the bars on your cage
You played a poison violin
In a symphony of rage
Now it’s time you traded that fucker in
For a place on the barricade

In or out
Shrug or shout
The second’s the jury, the minute’s the judge
In the hour of the barricade

Your green eyes and your battle cries
Are the sweetest warning served
But the only ring can dismantle this thing
Is the sound of a siren heard
By the children of apostasy who will rescue this wretched world
And join their hands like a barricade
Like an insolent fist full of pearls

Stay or go
Now or no
The week is the hangman, the month is the rope
In the year of the barricade

Some vote with their heads, some vote with their hearts
Some vote with the end of their dicks
You can vote with a ballot, you can vote with your wallet
But it’s always a vote for the pricks
So let me tell you this for free
My next vote’s with a brick
Ah, from somewhere behind the barricade
Beyond the lies and the rhetoric
If I see you on the barricade
I’ll be sure to shake your hand
And I’ll help you build your barricade
On the grave of this sleepwalking land

  1. Love 'N' Justice Lowest of the Low 2:40