When She Falls

Lowest of the Low

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It sometimes makes me wonder why
I can’t read a sentence
From the chapter of a book that tells the tale of her dependence
It’s full of pain and wonder
Full of rain and thunder
But I wonder who’s the most surprised?
Who swallows propaganda when she lies?
Who struggles just to stay afloat when she cries?

I love you like a freight train
Like a rollercoaster
A Mayakovsky poster
She’s hammers and sickles and roses
The only question I propose is
Who catcalls in this bulldog town
Who pratfalls when her smile becomes a frown?
Who’s gonna dig a trench for her when she’s down?

It never struck me funny how I babbled and I twisted like a fool
When she said, “I don’t know you… but I sure would like to.”

She’s full of lightning and thunder
And all alone sometimes I wonder
Whose heart stops every time she calls?
Sometimes I wonder if she cares at all
Who’s gonna hold the net for her when she falls?

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