Ron Hawkins

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Your t-shirt said 1994
That may as well have been the day that we were born
I met you then like Bogey and Bacall
Cutting lines of m.d.a
In a bathroom stall
And you smiled your smile
And I soldiered on
And we made it home just before the dawn

Those were the days I’d believe anything
When the phone would knock and the door would ring
With a stranger’s voice from the bar down the road
Or the jail, or the morgue
Or emergency
But they stitched you up
And they sent you home
Back home to me
Back home to me

What happens out behind those dumpsters and bars
Below the underwater green dashboard of strangers’ cars
I never ask and you never tell
I guess it’s just as well
That’s how we got this far
All the snow is white
And the church bells ring
Like a cruel satire of everything

Are you really going
Looks like you’re travellin’ light
You took my pocket change and the rest of my life

Don’t make me say I love you still
Don’t test my humour or my goodwill
Don’t make me look into that face of scars
Like a constellation (full of dead stars) (of dying stars)
Still flickering
So terribly
Then going out
Are we going out?
Or just flickering?

  1. Teenage Insurrection Ron Hawkins and the Do Good Assassins 2:28