A Brief History

Ron Hawkins

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They say that it’s traumatic when you’re born
I don’t remember ’cause I’m older now
Just like a peaceful dream you were torn from
That haunts you in your waking hours

I don’t know why it’s painful when we grow
But try to keep in mind that it’s only fear
I think sometimes forgetting what we know
Is what carries us from there to here

And I know this isn’t much
But it’s almost everything I know
At times it itches like a scar
Or hums like a radio

Why do we get wounded when we love?
She sang my name and I made her cry
And I will be laid into my grave
Never really understanding why

And I know this isn’t much
But it’s almost everything I’ve learned
Sometimes I wave it like a flag
And sometimes it’s a prison term

And the rain comes down
Harder than it ever has
Till a single second drowns
On the end of your eyelash
And the simple truth resounds
That our time goes by so fast
From the frightening first until the sweet sacred last

I’ve heard them say it’s lonely when you die
There’s no other time we’re so profoundly alone
But I know with you by my side
Anywhere I am is home
And even when the secrets we confide
All dance across my fading eyes
I’ll try not to be afraid
Just kiss me when I close my eyes

  1. Teenage Insurrection Ron Hawkins and the Do Good Assassins 2:28