Born To It

Ron Hawkins

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I would leave here
But it’s all I’ve ever known
I feel like a ghost town
Right before all the people have gone

And you wouldn’t know it, to look upon me
The quiet, desperate dreams that I own
But every morning, yeah she calls me
Back to the warm bed that I call home

Though I’m sleeping
Even still I’m not alone
Five in the morning
And he’s calling me on the phone

With clear instructions and sad seductions
Don’t you know he was born to it
You can punch the ceiling but it won’t stop you feeling
Rush out in the street and pull your collar up around your ringing ears

Some are born to serve
Yeah and others they’re just born bad
Some are born to late
Yeah and others they’re born into sadness

Some are brought in
And some, they fall in
But don’t you know I was born to it
With a fragile vision of indecision
A tour van and a duffle coat
An empty pocket, a crumpled note
From someone whose name I can’t recall
In a town I wish I’d never seen

Break my coffee cups and burn my spiral notebooks
Snap my pens and shave my pencils down to nothing
Lock my cds in your old man’s liquor cabinet
I won’t tell if you won’t tell a soul

I’ll be going soon
And I don’t know if I’m coming home

  1. Teenage Insurrection Ron Hawkins and the Do Good Assassins 2:28