Out Of The Black

Ron Hawkins

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I’ve never been too graceful at this
You’d rather seal this deal with a kiss
The kind that brought ’em down in Gethsemane
Someday we’ll laugh about all of this
Until that day boy, put up your mitts
And take one on the chin in alacrity

Bruises like foreign currency
High-risk exchanges of urgency
That never seem to bring around acceptable returns

And just like Dorothy Parker would say
Well, it’s no shame to call it a day
But must you wipe your feet before you leave
And after all those hours and days
Of needless scenes and tragic parades
I watched you submerge like a submarine

And your semantic marathon
Ain’ t worth the paper it’s written on
If I had known I would’ve bent an ear to Louis Mayer

All your duplicity
Is firmly planted in the ground
Your pretty perjury
Is pushin’ up the daisies now
I’ll sing this eulogy
In ecstasy

I’m fine all things considered
You’re signed sealed and delivered
There’s really nothing more we can do
Than step out of the black and into the blue

Blue will be the colour of the sky
And yellow was the colour of your lies
But golden is the colour of surprise as I walk away
Silence is the sound of things unheard
And violent is the sound of lessons learned
And deafening, the silent sound of words that we never say

  1. Teenage Insurrection Ron Hawkins and the Do Good Assassins 2:28