Ron Hawkins

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Don’t let it break your heart

Don’t let it leave you cold

Don’t let it drag you down

Don’t let it fuck you up


Tonight they’ve letter-boxed the sky

The stars recline across your eyes

The city gathers in her kin

And you feel her closing in but…


Don’t take it, don’t let it break
your will

Don’t take it, don’t be a martyr now

Don’t take it, don’t you dare play along

Don’t take it, don’t you ever take that pill


Cause there’s a sweeter suicide

Where all the consolations shine

A million miles, a million miles

Above the tracks and turnstiles


That spit, sputter and sparkle

And serenade all your darker needs

Above the reticent rooftops

Pinwheel lights like scattered seeds

Blink stoic and silent

Heroic, defiant… dreams


So, don’t worry, don’t lay awake at night

Don’t worry about that now

Don’t worry, just
don’t look down

Don’t worry, don’t worry I am here

  1. Teenage Insurrection Ron Hawkins and the Do Good Assassins 2:28