Us Eat Them

Ron Hawkins

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Hand to mouth

Toe to toe

Tooth and nail

Nail you to the wheel

Back to back

Heart to heart

Eye to eye

I know how you feel

Slumlords and dead-end jobs

Pitbulls and five to ten

Rat-traps and vacant lots

It’s either us or them

Feet of clay

Heart of gold

Nerves of steel

Steal what you can’t earn

Hand to hand

Side to side

Arm in arm

Arming the poor

Forget the dog eat dog

The palace or the pen

Cause that’s all over kid

Tonight it’s us eat them

Lima, London, Kathmandu, Hong Kong, Marakesh

In Bombay, L.A. and Karthoum property is theft

A hundred hearts, a thousand tears, a million feet marching to war

A thousand miles, a million dead, a single voice asking what for

There’s nothing over there

Scarecrows and bogeymen

So bring it all back home tonight it’s us eat them

Pick up that humble sword, put down that mighty pen

The ink has all run dry, tonight it’s us eat them

It’s us eat them

  1. Teenage Insurrection Ron Hawkins and the Do Good Assassins 2:28