Heartbreak in Hopper Street

Ron Hawkins and the Do Good Assassins

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People, out in the street
Pounding the pavement
They’re dead on their feet
People, rinse and repeat
Caught in the crossfire
Of divide and defeat

When every day’s a grind and you find
That you’re tired as tired can be
About to lose your mind, it’s a crime, suicidal society
Ah, it’s heartbreak in Hopper Street

People, listen to this!
Your heart is a muscle
And it’s as big as your fist!
When people rise and persist
Love is a struggle too hard to resist

Cause don’t you know they tried and they tried
Until finally the dogs retreat
Cause all they got are spies and reprisals
And sirens and riot police
Ah, there’s tear gas in Hopper Street

You just might find you get it
If you take the time to let it
sink in, sync up, sink down, sink deep
Ah, we’ll see

People, sound the alarm
Your story is written in the face of the stars

And if you ever wonder why we relied on a lie that was incomplete
Just shine a little light in the night hold it tight so the blind can see
Hey and take a little time, raise a cry, make it chime like a symphony
Cause it only takes a “why?” to defy
Draw the line from the “me” to “we”

And it all starts in Hopper Street

  1. Teenage Insurrection Ron Hawkins and the Do Good Assassins 2:28