Love Is a Poison Thing

Ron Hawkins and the Do Good Assassins

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Love is a poison thing
The sweetest sour sting
A joker and a king
Love is a tragedy
A theatre of cruelty
And you’ve got that front row seat
But the actors aren’t free
On a stage lost at sea
And the run’s been extended indefinitely

Hail, hail vanity

Love is a bitter curse
You know there’s nothing worse
For the last free man on earth
When love is a guillotine
Better hope that blade is clean
Cause the end comes quick and mean
And the peasants shade their eyes
And they wrestle in the line
To see that fair fallen bloody valentine

Save yourself
If nothing else
Save yourself from all that heartache, cause…

Love is a genocide
The enemy’s inside
So there’s nowhere to hide
Ah, love is a murder scene
Some psychopathic dream
A gilded guilty plea
Well it’s lethal and sweet
So you rinse and repeat
That same chalky outline on the street

Love is a poison thing

  1. Teenage Insurrection Ron Hawkins and the Do Good Assassins 2:28