Ron Hawkins and the Do Good Assassins

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Your mama was a poet
Your daddy went to sea
They brought you up on Ginsberg
And rent control and weed
You’re painfully poetic
But your laces are terribly untied
They’d love you down in Rio honey
They’d eat your soul alive

I went to the cathedral
To tender my complaints
I’ve raised a glass with criminals
And janitors and saints
They always ask me where I’m headed
But they never ask me why
Now I’m going down to Rio
Just to stare into the Brazilian sky

Well, you can bribe a man over breakfast
Own him before noon
You can feed him tired slogans
With a shovel or a spoon
Well I bought a man in Reno
Just to watch democracy die
Now I’m goin’ down to Rio
I’m gonna give the same thing a try

I’m gonna shoot out all the streetlights
From the passenger side
I ain’t comin’ home from Rio
Bye bye baby, bye bye

  1. Teenage Insurrection Ron Hawkins and the Do Good Assassins 2:28