Up to Yer Neck

Ron Hawkins and the Do Good Assassins

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Well it don’t mean shit
When they love you just a little bit
If you’re a lover or a son
It still hurts just like a son of a gun
When romance is for the birds
Ah, when love is just a four-letter word
And when the sand gets quick
You know you’re up to yer neck in it

Well you’re bound to be bored
Workin’ late at the liquor store
But ain’t nothin’ scares me more
Than a stranger walking through the front door
He said my mama named me Bill
But my friends all call me Road Kill
Man, I knew real quick
That I was up to my neck in it

Ah, dreams and schemes and ol’ Jim Beam
Offer such a sweet release
Ah, cats and rats and acrobats rain down on these city streets

Big Bill had a plan
He said “workin’s for the average man”
So while I played guitar
British Bobby drove the getaway car
And I’ll be straight with you son
Ain’t no such thing as a little gun
And you can’t smell the shit
Until you’re up to yer neck in it

Ah, big mistakes and double takes
When you’re livin’ in the past
Ah, hotel keys and PCP are the things that never last

Bill got fried
I guess he’s gone to the other side
And now I’m doin’ ten
But I hear him every now and again
He says, “son have hope
Cause now and then there’s some slack in the rope
But you won’t feel it hit
Until you’re up to yer neck in it
And it won’t help you none
Sittin’ around waitin’ for Jesus to come
Cause he’s late as it is
I guess he’s up to his neck in it”

  1. Teenage Insurrection Ron Hawkins and the Do Good Assassins 2:28