Lowest of the Low

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  1. Powerlines -:-- / 3:41

It’s a long day before you sleep
Scattered and strange like the hours you keep
This is no time to look before you leap
Caroline, let the spotlight beseech you
The darkness can’t reach you
The power lines, they crackle above you
This city that loves you has come alive
And the streets and the bars and the pavement call your name
Ah, the birds and the planes and the streetlights call your name

Livin’ over the mini-mart
Livid soldier with the purple heart
Little auteur of the stop-before-you-start
Caroline, when the peasants impeach you
The light’s out of reach
You devour lines and the powder protects you
When all else rejects you a thousand times
When the face in the bathroom mirror calls your name
And the voice from the nurses’ station calls your name

lay down soldier

Find the courage before it’s lost
Scrape your pretty practiced autograph in the windshield frost
Take the long way home with fingers crossed
Ah, c’mon, what’s it cost now?
Caroline, time is a ghost
It’s paler than most
Ah, the paradigm is shifting beneath you
A perilous peak that you’ve gotta climb
’Til the rush of the elevation calls your name
And your dream, like a revelation, calls your name
’Til the cry of an indie nation calls your name

  1. Teenage Insurrection Ron Hawkins and the Do Good Assassins 2:28