Saint Spurious

Lowest of the Low

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So long ago you took a vow of perjury
We call it lies, you prefer hyperbole
You shoot your mouth off, trigger happy, resolute
You wear that grin like your smile is bulletproof

When you’ve been captured in the act
Laundering the facts
Laughing in the face of truth

That tale grows taller every time you utter it
The gospel smaller the more you stutter it
We swore we knew you now I guess we’ll never know
You tip your hand but the cards don’t ever show

And you don’t ever let the facts stagger in the path of truth
Those days were never white or black
Opposites attract — dishonesty in absolutes

Cry, cry that little white lie
Grows bigger as the myth demands
Your heart’s crossed and you’re hopin’ to die
Maybe we can all lend a hand

’Cause you won’t ever let the facts stagger in the way of truth
Quaint customs fallen to the axe
Opposites attract — fraudulence or naked proof
You dare to draw that chalky line
All around the corpse of truth
Machine gun, bloody valentine
Deceitfully inclined
Every finger points to you

Cry, cry that little white lie
Every finger points to you

  1. Teenage Insurrection Ron Hawkins and the Do Good Assassins 2:28