Sister Jude

Lowest of the Low

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I am the son but I ain’t too bright
Please help me get this right
Born ’neath the sign of struggle and strife
Cavemen and troglodytes
Ooh, sister Jude I’ll bleed with you
You’ve been crucified how many times?
I can’t count that high

One for defeat and two for regret
Three for the suffragettes
Looks like it’s farther the closer it gets
But I know we’ll get there yet
Ooh, sister Jude I feel it too
Are you satisfied, or damned and denied?

One day when it’s your way or the highway
No need to see it my way
I’ll be there on that day
When you’ve finally blown away
All those brakes and patterns
Snakes and ladders
Standing in your way

Out of the wind and out of the rain
Out of our heads again
Sorrow and slander, pleasure and pain
Only those scars remain
Ooh, sister Jude I believe in you
You’ve been crucified but I’m on your side
Ooh, sister Jude

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