Something To Believe In

Lowest of the Low

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They thought they’d steal a car they thought they’d get away
Run, run from their young lives
It caught up to them the very next day
A road block the two of them had made
Two more days and nights shacked up in the doorway
Of that old ghost-town hotel used to be Larry’s Hideaway
Setting fire to a four-leaf clover

This happens when the odds run high
And it happens when we roll the dice
It happens when the reins go slack
And it happens when we turn our back and say…
I need something to believe in

He thought about graves he thought about laughter
He thought about all those pretty disasters
And tiptoed down the hall and out into the light
She thought she’d straightened out she thought she’d come around
She thought she was in love but she lost what she’d found
When he left her with an unmade bed and an unchanged mind

This happens when we smile with our eyes
It happens when we break the ice
It happens when we wish on stars
And it happens when we drop our guard and say…
I need something to believe in
Stay a little longer, I need someone to talk to
Some quiet conversation
Something to believe in

There’s always some backhanded debate
Before we’re one foot out of the gate —no hesitation
Ah, there must be some loose affiliation

  1. Teenage Insurrection Ron Hawkins and the Do Good Assassins 2:28