Garden Song

Ron Hawkins and the Do Good Assassins

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Country/ Ballad

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  1. Garden Song -:-- / -:--

Rain’s only good for gardens and songs
‘Cause when it streaks my face I’m only wet and alone
And what the weatherman fakes, my heart’s always known

The forecast is chilly
With a chance of down
Cold nights and bitter winds and pissin’ around
In the loveless streets of this cyclone town

Dave only shines when there’s women around
And Jane only cries when her defenses are down
And John’s getting high
And dad’s gonna drown

He waves his t-shirt semaphore-style
But there ain’t no lights for miles and miles
And the raft grins low
And Medusa smiles… to Gericault

You’ve been starred and feathered
Raised up high just to hit the floor
But if it don’t get any better
Then you’re right back where you were before

So your close up comes and the pressure’s on
But the camera sucks and the lighting’s wrong
Still you speak your lines and you carry on
And you hope that one day when the lights come up
And the credits roll
And the crowd erupts
And they’re on their feet
And they raise you up

They lift you high
And your sweet heart soars
And the sun beams gold
Through the lobby doors
Out into the street
Where a dream is born
‘Neath the traffic lights
And the telephone poles

And they’ll sing your song
And they’ll shout your name
And your old hometown
Well it’ll never be the same
And they’ll hand you the keys
And they’ll toast your fame
And they’ll fall to their knees
And they’ll bless the day

‘Cause they’ve seen your face
For the first time now
And they missed it before
But they don’t know how
And with tender hands
They’ll lay you down
In your garden of song

  1. Love 'N' Justice Lowest of the Low 2:40