Peace and Quiet

Ron Hawkins and the Do Good Assassins

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Country/ Ballad

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  1. Peace and Quiet -:-- / -:--

Hey there tragic one
I saw your ghost in Kensington
The sly sentry of the alleyway
A wounded soldier from the bad old days

And it took me somewhere
I haven’t been for years and years
Old appetites like souvenirs
I turned around, you disappeared

Into a street steeped in silence
The sweet peace and quiet

The lights never go down
A thousand shooting stars in Chinatown
Reflected in your eyes, electric blue
A kiss lingers like a deja-vu

But all the lovers crash
And echo under the overpass
They lie pinned beneath their memories
A million colliding destinies

Stain the street, pierce the silence
Ah, the sweet peace and quiet

We cursed a dishrag sky
We vowed to change the weather
You donned your widest eyes
I said “never say never”
And even though we lied
We swore we stay this way forever

And is it funny how you seem just like a rumour now?
A conversation that I overheard
The frail echo of a foreign word

And is it funny or sad?
Sometimes we just walk away
No bittersweet remembrance day
Why do you think that we do that?

To defeat peace and quiet
To cheat peace and quiet

If you don your widest eyes
I’ll say “never say never”
If you don your widest eyes
Time will change the weather
This time we’ll get it right

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