Bobby Was The D.A.

Do Good Assassins

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You were born of an innocent age
Jack was the man and Bobby was the D.A.
Haunted by phantoms in the Cuban hills
Gangsters and starlets, the booze and the pills

Class war in ’74
Your head was in the clouds but your jeans were on the bathroom floor
Heroin heros in fluorescent light
Jim (check)
Patti (hey)
Lou (alright)

You were haunted like Dylan in the backstreets
You stole whatever wasn’t nailed to the floor
You held your breath so you could feel like you were dying
You embraced this city like a brother

Half alive in ’85
Reagan’s in the house
So you drive and you drive and you drive
But you can’t outrun bloody history son
Cause it lives by the sword and the logic of the gun

Bullets in the breezeway
Lights along the freeway
Summer city dog days
Bleeding like a d.j.
Ah, hey now watcha say?
Ah, hey now watcha say?

  1. Teenage Insurrection Ron Hawkins and the Do Good Assassins 2:28