Do Good Assassins

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She said believe me
Your heart is in the wrong key
It’s sad to see you play that thing with broken strings
Cause it ain’t gonna ring true
No matter what the strings do
Until you find a brand new true-blue song to sing

That you haven’t sung
Discordant and a bit high strung
A blue harmony
A ragged little symphony

I said Caledonia
Let’s go to California
A swallow couldn’t croon for you in northern climes
But down in Capistrano
He’ll sing like a soprano
So I’ll just let him do his thing and I’ll do mine

Way down in the south
I’ll kiss your little seaside mouth
And out on the coast
I’ll move you like the holy ghost

She said, "sweet thing
I don’t mean to clip your wings
But I’ve been sung and serenaded blind"
I said, "oo-ee
Baby, believe me
I ain’t sung this way in a long, long time
Take my hand now girl let’s fly"

Down by the shore
I’ll love you till our knees get sore
And out in the sand
I’ll hold you like I’m twice the man
Out on the sea
Some salty little privacy
And over the waves
All the seconds and the hours and the days
Under the sun
We’ll sing until the day is done
Oh, by the moon
I’ll build a little nest with you

  1. Teenage Insurrection Ron Hawkins and the Do Good Assassins 2:28