Fire Alarm

Do Good Assassins

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I blame my heavy-handedness on water retention
‘Cause there’s 17 ounces in a pound of prevention
I was way out of line at the loners’ convention
Nothin’ short of a hurricane could get your attention

But did I hit your snooze-button baby when I told you the tale
‘Bout the booze someone poured in my bottle of ale
‘Cause nobody’s ever going to do me harm
When I’m all dressed up like a fire alarm

Just a split second passes like a year of disclosure
It don’t have to be cold for me to die of exposure
All the bells and the whistles like a pretty explosion
Slap a watch on my wrist just like a lethal promotion

But then you plant a kiss on my cheek like a punch in the chest
First it’s a slap on the back, then it’s "clean out your desk"
And we warm our hands by a campfire of charm
But I’m all dressed up like a fire alarm

You said,"hey boy where’s the fire? What’s the harm?"
‘Cause you’re all dressed up like a fire alarm

Then I feel the fizzle and the sputter when the rain’s coming down
I should strut like a king but I feel like a clown

  1. Teenage Insurrection Ron Hawkins and the Do Good Assassins 2:28