Home Sweet Home

Do Good Assassins

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Steve lived in a furnished cell
A flop house called the Gladstone Hotel
A public smile, a private hell
That was all that was left of his life
But I remember ’89
The Cameron House and a bottle of wine
David Niven meets Frankenstein
Ah, son I miss your murderer’s smile

He lived fast and he died alone
Come on brother home sweet home

Christine, she was a friend of mine
Sixteen, pissed off and divine
I would’ve married her but she was a dyke
So we’d fondle our fates and we’d fly
But that sparrow never found a perch
Huffing glue behind the Simpson church
Her lips were blue, they matched her skirt
When they found her at the end of July

She lived fast but she died alone
Come on sister home sweet home

Larry soared then he took a dive
Rode the bus from the 905
House full of cops, he was buried alive
They said “son, we’re gonna beat your hide”
Lou Reed and a codeine trance
The Book of Nods like a bible of chants
I guess that boy never stood a chance
From Symptom Hall to the cold east-side

He lived fast and he died alone
Come on brother home sweet home

It takes a village to raise a child
Takes a city to bury it alive

  1. Teenage Insurrection Ron Hawkins and the Do Good Assassins 2:28