Little Volcano

Do Good Assassins

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You are a mountain
But you are surrounded by an angry sea
When the sun goes down on you
You’re dark and you’re lonely

But you burn beautiful
Though all you ignite just turns to dust
You keep it bottled up
You seethe and then you erupt
Like a little volcano

Heat is a pendulum
Too much you burn
Too little you freeze
In Lisbon you held me warm
In Paris I walked the streets

Helen with eyes of coal
Neither a saint or a devil I doubt
I don’t wanna set you off
But I don’t want to put you out
Little volcano

And it’s hard to stay
And it’s hard to go
And it’s hard to live this way
Night and day
You simmer then you blow
Little volcano

And it’s hard to leave
And it’s hard to stay
It’s a hundred-ten degrees
But nothing seems to flower in this place
Little volcano
Little Volcano

You know I love you
But sometimes just sayin’ it ain’t enough
I guess those other guys must’ve been made of harder stuff
You are a fire
And I’m an old dog , but a dog can learn
At times we were both in flames
But I got my fingers burned
Little volcano
Little Volcano

  1. Teenage Insurrection Ron Hawkins and the Do Good Assassins 2:28