Public Transit

Do Good Assassins

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Well it’s not so lonely to be all alone
In a city full of kisses and tells
While the public transit rattles along
And she sings a little song to herself
‘Cause she woke up this morning tired and bewildered
Startled by her boyfriend’s alarm
So she whispered “good luck” and she waved a salute
And she’s not unhappy now that he’s gone

There’s twenty-five stairs that she takes unaware
From the subway to the battle above
All the strangers stare as she plays with her hair
And they dream of unconditional love
With a heart like a flare they dance like Astaire
But they stumble when push comes to shove

Well the public reads what the public believes
All the lies and the cries and the groans
While the t.v. screams
And the i-pod bleeds
All those Global Teens
On a million screens
Buzzin’ worker bees
But they can’t conceive they’re alone

Well it’s 6:02 when she kicks off her shoes
Pours a tall, tired tumbler of wine
Then she turns on the news and she turns off the news
And she reaches for the L.A. times
But there’s nothing new so she thumbs her way through
And she whistles and stretches and sighs
When she picks up the phone it feels like a stone
She says “mom can I come home for a while?”

  1. Teenage Insurrection Ron Hawkins and the Do Good Assassins 2:28