Rusty Chain

Do Good Assassins

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My head is a hammer and my heart is a rusty chain
I hit one with the other time and time again
Ah, but when I’m done it feels so good
It may seem dumb but it’s understood
If I’m steel then darlin’ you’re the rain
On this rusty chain

I may never shake this ball and this rusty chain
I may die trying or I may live to see that day
Ah, but locks and keys don’t make no jail
You can still hear the sea from inside that whale
Freedom cheers while my tears work away
On this rusty chain

Seasons change as seasons do
I’m in chains but our Lord was too
Ain’t no change that don’t leave some stain on you

There’s stones in your heart
But there’s clothes on your bedroom floor
And there’s no one home when I call at your kitchen door
But his car’s parked in your gravel drive
I’m sure that shit’s lying at your side
His windshield sings a shattered new refrain
To my rusty chain

And with pride’s price paid and justice done
I’ll kick the stones till the sirens come
My hands are bound, our hero’s dragged away
In rusty chains

  1. Teenage Insurrection Ron Hawkins and the Do Good Assassins 2:28