Sadder Days

Do Good Assassins

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Buy me a razor and cut my hair
Life’s unfair
But let’s not go there
We’ll drive to the river and wash my car
Find some bar
And whine like rock stars do…

…you think it’s clear?
Through the gin and the wine and the beer
That tear running down your spine
Decline, deny, and the fear

Cry me a river but not too wide
Some of my friends still live on the east side
Wish on the heavens but not too far
Cold dead stones can look like stars from here

Where the pavement shines
The shadows disappear
And the brides of Frankenstein
Howl and whine
And totter on their heels
Big wheels

Little Saturdays, Saturdays, Saturdays
Shattered days, Sadder days, Sadder days

Hey Quickdraw
Scratch and claw
Or smile your way out of here


  1. Teenage Insurrection Ron Hawkins and the Do Good Assassins 2:28