Do Good Assassins

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I spent some time in the spotlight
Killing time… glitter blind
Cold, high, paranoid and uptight
Taking sides
And faking smiles

But then our dreams don’t die from a lack of conviction
They’re bleached bone dry in the lights and addiction
Ah, you’re doin’ time
In a spotlit cell of your own creation
You sing like hell for a prozac nation
And all their eyes are wide

Get set for the good life baby
‘Cause these are the golden days
Blow jobs in cars and alleys
And nights of eternal haze
And you’ve earned every sweet, sick second
Sad, soul suckin’ Salome

Black nights and darker days

Some men see spots in the bright light
Fated roles… rabbit holes
No pain, shock and awe, just Lite-Brite
Find their goals
Lose their souls

They say that guns don’t kill it’s the fault of the people
The rum and the oil and the state and the steeple
Gavels and guitars
It’s the same sad plan from the cab to the pulpit
The airwaves jammed with a million mea culpas
Everyone’s a star

But get ready for a real rude reckoning
‘Cause these are the end of days
Old men with fingers on triggers
Build bubbles in a Bourbon haze
Sad sons of de Sade sit cynically
Selling seats at centre stage

Dark knights of the new crusades

So, don’t stare too long in the spotlight
‘Cause you may find
You go blind
And it pales compared to the sunlight
We fell behind
But there’s still time
Kiss your child

  1. Teenage Insurrection Ron Hawkins and the Do Good Assassins 2:28