The Last Casanova in Town

Do Good Assassins

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You’re three bricks short
Two bucks shy
One blind man with the lights in his eyes
In a fog, like a god, like a dog
Your tail just leads you around
Hands down
Your the last Casanova in town

You’re three flights up
Two seconds in
One wise man, three sheets to the wind
Ah, you fawn
And she yawns
But the sun’s the only thing to go down
In months
On the last Casanova in town

Ah, you whine
And you moan
‘Bout the past , and your gilded throne
You were a fine Don Juan
But now you can’t get arrested
Your crown’s been contested
Maligned and molested
Ah, that bird has flown

Unplugged your phone
Hung your head
Like those shoes at the end of your bed
Sing a long, sad song that haunts
A wolf with the tears of a clown
Your crown is your cross
Good luck livin’ it down
Hats off
For the last Casanova in town

  1. Teenage Insurrection Ron Hawkins and the Do Good Assassins 2:28