Too Far

Do Good Assassins

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Fat tear drops of rain cry surrender to the city
The both of us, hearts enslaved by guitars and committees
But you’ll go broke this way in a town without pity
We’ll meet again some day in Hong Kong or New York City
‘Cause I know
You went
Too far
Way down that road
To ever come home

Ain’t no wiser, just another year older
Pouring rain, three a.m., College and Dover
Said we gotta cut this shit out… gotta turn that leaf over
The ballad of a metaphor, the dear-departed troubadour
And I know
We went
Too far
With sticks and stones
And broken bones
Addicted to hope
Alive but alone

A winter’s dream, awakens spring
Then summer shines on everything
Autumn breathes a hint of the sting
That winter’s harsh hallucination brings

Let the sunshine push the shadows to the far end of your kitchen
Let the coffee vanquishing all those ghosts and apparitions
Let the present bury the past
The blindness lead the vision
You strike the rebel chord
And I’ll sing the new religion
‘Cause I know
We’ve come
Too far
Down the alleys and the roads
Through the blessings and the blows
Too busy being born
Too skip another stone
When every single, self-defeating highway leads to Rome

  1. Teenage Insurrection Ron Hawkins and the Do Good Assassins 2:28