Giulietta The Just

The Lowest of the Low

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You used to be so hard to console
Now everything is under control
Do you like it like that?
I’ll confide I can’t decide which is true
If I’m more afraid of what I might do
Or of what I might not
Seductive sense of sorrow
From counterfeit Cabirias
In sleepy towns all over
You’re saddled with that Cadillac heart
So beautiful, but is it so smart?
In a city of sharks
It’s beautiful, immutable
Inside your head
Unsinkable, unthinkable
The street runs red, a violent red
Your conscience caught you leaving the scene
There’s no knowing just how clever you’ve been
It’s a long way home
When the voice that taunts you is your own
And your laughter is a veil of grace
Hiding tears that glisten from your face
In any case, well, it’s all a dream
From the solitude of prayers unseen
To the crimes of the century
Nothing’s really ever how it seems…
Do you like it like that?

  1. Love 'N' Justice Lowest of the Low 2:40