Winter Sleepers

The Lowest of the Low

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Through all of the shirts and all of the skins
And all the half-hearted how you beens
The megaphone malice, the rumoured refrain
Through all of the rules and all of the fools
And all of the so dead after schools
And all of the bullshit a schoolyard engrains
You had to breathe in
And breathe out

Before all the chills, before all the pills
Before all those ’40s movie stills
Leered back like spectres, suddenly strange
When all of the world was all about chance
Was all about hold on to your hat
Her heels on the tarmac pattered like rain
She liked to breathe in
And breathe out

Home again, boy
Home again soon
From crib to tomb

Through all of the near and all of the far
And all of the wonder where you are?
And all of the false, and all of the true
With all of the stop and none of the go
Only these faces in the snow
And the fog on the window tell me it’s true
I’m still breathing in
And breathing out

  1. Love 'N' Justice Lowest of the Low 2:40