Your Birthday Party

The Lowest of the Low

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Now everything is under control
Do you like it like that?
I’ll confide I can’t decide which is true
If I’m more afraid of what I might do
Or of what I might not
Seductive sense of sorrow
From counterfeit Cabirias
In sleepy towns all over
You’re saddled with that Cadillac heart
So beautiful, but is it so smart?
In a city of sharks
It’s beautiful, immutable
Inside your head
Unsinkable, unthinkable
The street runs red, a violent red
Your conscience caught you leaving the scene
There’s no knowing just how clever you’ve been
It’s a long way home
When the voice that taunts you is your own
And your laughter is a veil of grace
Hiding tears that glisten from your face
In any case, well, it’s all a dream
From the solitude of prayers unseen
To the crimes of the century

  1. Love 'N' Justice Lowest of the Low 2:40