Beautiful Girl

Ron Hawkins

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  1. Beautiful Girl -:-- / 2:32

Sleep in the crook of my arm
Beautiful girl
Dream through the fire alarms
My beautiful girl
The world isn’t all that it seems
It’s full of motorcycle cops and marines

Tug at that tenuous curl
Dutiful girl
Smile as you conquer the world
Immutable, girl
Your brow furrows
Your fingers entwine
Your eyes are oceans
Bluer than the sky
Truer than the light
Deeper than the night

Bathe in the light that adores you
Beautiful girl
The days, ah, they stretch out before you
Beautiful Girl
So bright when you open your eyes
You reign in a kingdom of pure light
A thousand satellites
Will sing your name tonight

But if you pack it in
For a colder town
And you cry like you did when
Though your older now
I’ll be with you again
And I won’t lay down…

Till the towns, the streets, the banners all unfurl
And they say of my beautiful girl
She came and she painted the world

  1. Love 'N' Justice Lowest of the Low 2:40