Ron Hawkins

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Brother blue broken bottle born unbound
When you sing it’s a tender tortured sound
You’ve got wings but they only weigh you down

When the tracks in the vinyl howl and moan
And the cracks in the sidewalk feel like home
And the sweat on your fingers taste like chrome

It’s a slap in the face
A ringing bright electric sting
Like floating in space
A million miles from anything

You’re the ghost with a thousand lonely names
You’re the host of the saddest party games
Here’s a toast to the sadness and the shame

Seven more rounds
Reflect the mirrors and the smoke
Send in the clowns
This must be some foul fucking joke

Breathe in breathe out
Like the record of a birth becomes the path
To the record of a death, becomes you now
In the spaces that she left
You spacing out

You’re chrome

You’re back in that place
The one who loves you loves you not
Your floating in space
A cold crestfallen cosmonaut
There’s chrome.. in your heart
You’re chrome

  1. Love 'N' Justice Lowest of the Low 2:40