City of Lies

Ron Hawkins

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The sun blows kisses to the far end of your room
Like the first sweet tender mornings of the world
Good morning girl

Evening drains the youthful beauty from your face
Dark demolition dances you embrace
Like mourning girls

With eyes like stones
You walk alone
In this city of lies

When this grey city comes alive
Its pitiful acolytes
Stand shivering in the light
Vaguely whispering "I wanna die tonight"

And when history comes to call
All the world will be sleeping
It comes brandishing a sword
With a shadow like a steeple
When something wicked this way comes
Something horrid, something lethal
Will we turn our backs again?
Will we hang our heads in shame?
Or will we fall?
Rise or fall?
Will we rise?
From this city of lies

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