Ron Hawkins

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Oh Caroline,
I feel defeated
My hammerhead heart
Beats hollow and tight

You wrote the note
But I had to read it
Your phrases explode
Sentences ignite

Like slivers of light
Stinging behind my glistening eyes

Down in the street
Free from the feeling
I’m surfin’ the crowd
Anonymous fool

But back in my room
Beleagueredly bleeding
There’s nowhere to hide
The sad stabbing truth

The slivers ignite
They shimmer as bright as the light of the dying
A river of white
Unending night

When slivers ignite
You kick and you fight while the light leaves you dying
A trick of the light that invites you to dive in
To rivers of white
Slivers of light

  1. Love 'N' Justice Lowest of the Low 2:40