Strum and Drag

Ron Hawkins

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Hey hey… Little Red Rum
Dazed by the drag and the strum
Of days spent twiddling your thumbs
And the urge to reverse but you’re cursed if you do
And damned if you don’t
Just another soul in the house of the damned
Damned if you do and doomed if you won’t
Just another bucket in a leaky boat

Ah hah… sweet little slave
Pushin’ that pen up a page
And diggin’ discreet little graves
For you and everyone that you know
Ah, but time, no it ain’t on your side
It yawns and the chasm is wide
From applause to sweet suicide
The deafening din of denial
Crampin’ your style
Ah, you cover your ears
Snuff another candle while the fading years slip away
Your sliding along
Surfin’ on the rhythm of the drag and strum
Surfin’ on the drag and strum

It’s like steel strings up your spine
You’re underpaid, working overtime
And that chord’s ringin’ all the while
It’s saying’ stand and deliver
Through the shock and the shiver child

Hey hey… why must you always be such a d-i-p-s-h-i-t ?
Was it mom? Is it god, or philosophy?
Or did Darwin leave you back on the shore?
Holding that oar
And hummin’ that song
Strum another version of the same old one
‘Bout a stone, ‘bout an old dead dog
Hum a little tune for the hollow haunted ones
That hallowed old hum
Buzzin’ with the rhythm of the drag and strum
Slip away… you’re sliding along
Buzzin’ with the rhythm of the drag and strum

  1. Love 'N' Justice Lowest of the Low 2:40